Frequently Asked Questions

I am not too tech savvy, and have no IT experience. Will I be able to set up my catalog of products on my own?

The essence of Magikbazaar lies in the simplicity of our platform. Setting up your catalog is easy as snap, on our wizard-like interface, and you should be able to set up in no time. We also make it a point, to offer a demo to all our customers, so that they can experience the simplicity and ease of using Magikbazaar firsthand. Of course, should you need any assistance or help in setting it up yourself, we are just a phone call away.

I already have a domain name of my own. Can I use that for my online store?

Sure, you can. With Magikbazaar, you can have your online store set up on your own domain name.

How long does it take after I build my product catalog, for all of the products to appear on my online store?

The additions/changes you make to your catalog would be effective on your store, as soon as you click the "Save" button on the 'Add Product' page. As we have said before, you are in complete control of your online store, and can make changes, additions, deletions as per your requirements, and they will reflect immediately on your store.

When does my store billing period start?

Normally store billing period starts directly from the date of payment. But, if you are applying payment gateway through us, then to make sure that you start your business will all of the payment options, we give a buffer period of 20 days. In this case, start date of billing would be date of payment gateway going live or 30 days from the date of the payment whichever is earlier.

I want a refund, what is the refund policy?

The subscription fee is refundable based upon below policy. If cancellation of Magikbazaar Subscription is presented Within 30 days of date of payment, 33% would be deducted prorata basis and rest would be returned. After 30 days of date of payment, 50% would be deducted prorata basis and rest would be returned. After 90 days of payment, no refund requests would be entertained. Please note: the refund case approval is on case-to-case basis, mainly on the basis of if there is a problem that cannot be solved

I want to be able to prominently display a few of my signature products on my home page permanently. Is that possible?

Of course it is. We have not only included an option to display signature products but also to highlight it under the section “Featured Products” on the Home Page. All you need to do is go on Home Page Designs and select Featured Products and select the product you need to highlight.

I own a boutique which sells a variety of products like apparel, cosmetics, footwear and electronic gadgets too. Will I be able to use your platform to set up an online store, which can feature all my products?

Of course!! Magikbazaar is specifically designed for store owners who want to sell a diverse range of products. We offer you the ability to create upto unlimited Main product categories on your store, and unlimited sub-categories under each category!! And all that, in a slick, user-friendly interface, which will give your online buyers the smoothest e-shopping experience ever!!

I would like to include different sizes for the same product, rather than create multiple instances of the same product for different sizes.

The beauty of Magikbazaar lies in the fact that your online store is highy customizable as per your requirements. You can most certainly include options for different sizes OR different colors while adding your product to the online catalog. All you need to do is follow the below steps to include options
Ecom Management-->Add Products-->Select Attributes

How secure is my data related to orders and customers?

No one, except you or your team with access to the control panel has the right to access this data. Our platform offers an exceptionally strong set of data security measures that are often more wide-ranging than what a customer could guarantee if the application was located on-premise.

How-to Bulk Upload Products to your Magikbazaar powered Online store?

Do you have loads of products to upload on your online store? Wish there was a simpler way to upload all those products at one go? Problem solved! We have a bulk upload option to save you from the pain of uploading one product at a time. So here is how it goes. To begin, on your Magikbazaar dashboard, when you are on your Ecom Management Tab, click the Bulk Upload Button and upload products in an Excel Sheet.

Is it possible to move a product to a different category/sub-category?

Yes, you can move a product. In the add product section, select whichever product you wish to move to a different category. Now, in the ‘Action’ bar at the top, select ‘Edit’. Select the new category or sub-category and click on ‘Save’ to move the product.

I have multiple categories of products. Will it be easy for buyers to find the product they want on my store?

Magikbazaar offers you a high level of customization, right at your fingertips. You can create multiple categories for your product line, and differentiate them under categories. You can customize this further by creating subcategories under each category, so that your buyers are able to find what they want in a jiffy, when they shop at your online store. You can also create a alternate sorting like Brand, Material etc. Also, your customers have an option to sort by Lowest Price, highest price and even highest discount available.

How many banners can I add in a slideshow?

You can add as many banners as you want on the dashboard, but only 5 can be enabled at a time for the slideshow if they are Big Image/ Small Image type.

What kind of online payment methods can I offer to my customers?

All Major Indian payment gateways are integrated with our stores (Including DirecPay, payU, Citrus Pay, Payu Money). Once activated, you can accept payments through all major Credit/Debit cards, NetBanking & Cash Cards.

When my customer tries to make a payment, he gets an checksum error. Why is it so?

What is checksum?
1. Payment gateway have a mechanism to detect Fraudulent activities.
2. If any entity tries to hack during Payment process to change the price, Payment gateway will show a checksum error.
Below are the reasons for this error?
1. There could be virus in your customer's system.
2. Some entity actually hacking tries to hack.
3. Your Merchant Key/Salt key is incorrect. In this case, Please contact your Payment Gateway.

When my customer tries to make payment on my payment gateway, but they get error message?

Please contact your Payment Gateway for this.
Below are the reasons
1. Your Payment gateway account is still not activated.
2. Your merchant key is incorrect.

Will my customers’ shipping details be stored so that they can save time on entering all those details again during their next purchase?

Yes, these details will be stored in their account. They can now add multiple shipping details to select during their future purchases on your store.

I want my customers to automatically receive an email when they place an order, as well as when their order is dispatched from my store. Is that possible with Magikbazaar?

Magikbazaar comes integrated with all the requisite settings required for Shipping & auto-responder mails. We ensure that your customer is always informed about every activity of his order - registration, placing the order, dispatch of order, delivery of order, etc. without you having to spend any extra time on it.

Can I customize SMS that go to my customers?

Customization of SMS are not possible due to TRAI regulations. Any SMS that go to your customers need to be approved before they go. For this, we have created standard templates and got them approved from them so that you can a seamless experience.

Can a customer get an email whenever he/she places an order from my online store?

Yes, this is a by-default feature which we provide to all our store owners. So whenever any customer places an order from your store, he/she gets an email. In-fact we ensure that your customer gets information about every activity of his/her order. Also, he/she gets an email at the time of registering to your store.

How the customers can use the discount coupons?

After adding the product to the cart, customers can enter the discount coupon and avail the offer.

How can my customers’ login/signup to my store?

Your customers can sign-up to your store by using their email ids and setting up a password for your store.

Can my customers sort my products by price?

Sorting by price is enabled on your online store, by default. Your customers can sort your products, by highest to lowest price, lowest to highest price or by highest discount.

Can my customers sort my products by alternate ways like brands and colors?

If you have enabled Alternate Sorting on your store, your customers can likewise sort your products by the parameters you’ve established. Like, sorting products by color, brand, size, etc.

Is there any product sorting available within a product category?

Your product sub-categories, are displayed in the left hand side column on your product category page. Apart from checking out all products within the category, your customers can also navigate to particular sub-categories too.

Can I add a free shipping badge to my products?

For all those products, that you have Free Shipping allowed, the Free Shipping badge can be shown on top of those products. Just enable the Free Shipping Badge under your checkout options on your dashboard and you’re good to go.

Can I allow my customers to not buy a product, and instead just enquire about it?

By setting your product status to Enquiry on your Add New Product page, you can disallow a customer from buying your product. Instead, your customer can only send in an enquiry about the product. This helps if you are selling wholesale products or the likes.

Is there any commitment for minimum number of shipments?

No. There is no such commitment.